Upcoming conferences

  • iShare 2019

    Riverside Convention Center

    Featuring Anil Kanda & Clifford Goldstein

    August 16-17

iSHARE 2018

Visalia Convention Center, August 17-18

Learn firsthand from teachers, professionals, and evangelists about how they connect and share their faith with non-Christians in a personal, social way – just as Jesus did.


Anil Kanda
Evangelist, CCC
Dr. Eric Walsh
Revivalist and Physician
Sandra Seifert
Model, Fashion Designer


iShare 2018: The Answer will be held at the Visalia Convention Center on August 17-18. The cost for registration is $52 per person or $100 for a booth. Registration is transferable but non-refundable. There are multiple lodging options available in the vicinity:


Thursday, August 16

  • 6:30PM
    SOULS West Graduation with Alvin Maragh
  • 9:00PM
    Booths open

Friday, August 17

  • 10:00AM
    Pacific Union Literature Evangelism testimonies – All conferences in Pacific Union
  • 2:00PM
    Registration for iShare
  • 5:00PM
    iShare Song & Story featuring testimonies and songs from all over the Pacific Union
  • 7:00PM
    Evening plenary with Sandra Seifert

Saturday, August 18

  • 8:00AM
    Morning devotional with Zachary Page & Heidi Carpenter
  • 9:15AM
    Sabbath School discussion panel
  • 11:00AM
    Divine service with Dr. Eric Walsh
  • 2:00PM
    iShare: The Answer – Can you give an answer for your faith?
  • 5:30PM
  • 7:30PM
    Evening plenary

A note about meals for those who registered:

Breakfast- Sabbath morning there will be fresh vegan muffins and Almond Milk upon entering the meeting hall around 7:30am-8:00am.

Lunch- Immediately after the divine hour message there will be a catered sack lunch provided.

Supper- Immediately after the baptism there will be vegan burritos also served in a sack lunch style.

We do not apologize for the simple meal. We are here to listen to the heart stirring messages and have our hearts in tune with God. We also want to minimize the work for the convention center because of the Sabbath. Please be understanding and fill your mind with prayer, Scripture and song.